Dec 092011

The power of the 6 P’s

Proper Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance

A business without a plan is like a boat without a rudder or leaving for a trip without a destination. Sure, it can be a real adventure and you never know where you are going to end up. The key to long term growth and profitability lies in the planning stage. If you map out where you are going and how you are getting there, then everyone can follow the plan to help get you there. Once you know where you are going, then you can measure to see how you are doing against your projections. If you are not on the right track then you need to make adjustments. If you like your plan to be flexible and ready to adapt to changes, this is achievable with a plan. You can review and adjust the plan on a regular basis if you like, even on a weekly or monthly basis if need be.


I can’t remember who taught me that but I have lived by this ever since. Spend as much time learning and practicing as you can. What makes someone good at anything they do? Lots of practice. Why is Neil Pert one of the best drummers in the world? he practices more than everyone else. This is one point that many people miss. When they learn enough to be good at something they quit learning and live life wondering “what does it take to be good?” Lots & lots of practice. We are talking about 1000′s of hours, not just a few. Once you get that good with one thing, everything else is much easier. You gotta learn new things and practice at all times.

Also known as the 7 P’s with Prior at the beginning.


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