I grew up in a family business and made the decision to leave 2 years ago. It was a tough decision because I had spent over 30 years preparing to one day take over the family business. There were a lot of things that went on over the years to lead to my decision and 2 years later I have a different understanding about everything that lead to the decision. Family business succession is one of the hardest phases for any company. Failing to come up with a plan is planning to fail. As a family, we could not agree on the future path of the company and the company was suffering because of it. The only way to end this battle was to leave the battle.

I have gained a lot knowledge and skills in my time at Advance Printing. Having 2 years to work out everything that I experienced has given me incredible insight into relationships and how they evolve over time…on all levels.

I will be writing about the things that I learned. Hopefully I can help others who might find themselves in my position and give them clarity so they can make better decisions for themselves.

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