I am Jeff Broomfield & I have spent my life learning and working in the printing industry in a mid size family print shop. I see things that most people don’t. I spend more time researching, learning and planning than most do. Over the years, I created many plans & proposals for our family business but my dad usually said no. He often jokes about my billion dollar idea book he keeps…but he doesn’t actually have a book. Many of those ideas have proven to be right in the hands of others who have had the freedom to implement them. The family business was not the place, I had to wait till the day that it was my turn to run the company. So I made my plans and prepared for that day that I could proceed with my plans…but that day never came. Even when my father stepped back, he still maintained control. I tried to buy the company but he said no. So I left the family business.

Our company was an NAPL profit leader for many years. We had workflow systems that were years ahead of the times. Most shops still have not caught up. All of the knowledge and tools to build that system and systems even better are with me.

I am looking for opportunities to share and implement my ideas. I am available in a consulting capacity or for hire in the right circumstances. If you are looking for ideas for new directions to take your company, ways to streamline your operation or you are interested in mergers or selling…then you should give me a call or send me an email.

jeffbroomfield AT me.com


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